Silkesjöö CC

The duo

Silkesjöö consists of Daniel and Michael Silkesjöö, living in Stockholm, Sweden. Their main focus is to convey a certain feeling through their music. Silkesjöö operates in a broad spectrum of musical genres, such as electronic dance music and pop. However, they dislike to limit themselves in a specific genre.

The photographer

Michael Silkesjöö is a passionate photographer. He's quite broad in the images he like to create. People, business, portraits, flowers, street, landscape, mingling, creative visual art and more.

The DJ and solo artist
Daniel Silkesjöö

Daniel Silkesjöö is a DJ and a solo artist in parallel with the duo. As solo artist he focuses on writing and producing electronica, house and techno. As DJ he plays great house and other genres in electronic dance music.